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We are a civil society movement for national reconciliation and consensus for massive institutional, constitutional reforms toward a new unified vision for the future of Pakistan.


3rd Option is an independent, state-focused civil society movement that promotes cooperation and national consensus, conducive to strengthening and developing the foundations of Pakistani society. Comprised of patriotic, middle class, progressive Pakistanis, our aim is to play a catalytic role in reaching national consensus — by developing a platform for dialogue, conflict resolution and consensus building, in a comprehensive and holistic manner, through which we can introduce, disseminate and implement concepts, such as, meritocracy, rule of law, representative democracy, collective responsibilities, efficiency and transparency in Pakistan.


To conduct independent research through nationwide survey and conduct focused interactions by engaging the public and key stakeholders, to understand the will of the people and on that basis, build support for reforms in Pakistan’s political system.

We believe that by ensuring each individual voice is heard and listened to, we can achieve our goal of building a society and political system that works for the common good.


3rd Option aims to provide a new collective vision of the future, based on innovative, practical recommendations that advance 7 broad goals:

  • Foster/Amend the Constitution
  • Strengthen Inter-Institutional Relationships
  • Build a Pluralistic Society
  • Promote Social Economic Justice
  • Provide Equal Opportunities To All citizens
  • Protect and Preserve Human Rights – centered on Human Dignity, Liberty and Security
  • Secure a more open, safe, prosperous and cooperative national system.

3rd Option plays the role of a change agent, that takes a proactive stand, and helps define fresh perspectives, on a wide range of issues, affecting the Pakistani society politically, economically, and socially.