Filthy Gargoyles

When Descarte stated “I think, therefore I am”, he unmistakably substantiated existence with the cognitive potency and aspired for the most optimum outcomes of the human behavior, with a holistic impact on the society and beyond. Certainly, it can be claimed that nothing can contribute to a society better than a positively active mind with skeptic abilities; however for minds to be active at mass level, is a condition that is subjected to the presence of certain factors that primarily play a vital role in regulating the system whilst retaining the moral, social and other values and codes intact. Therefore prevalence of significant factors like social justice, peace and economic stability in the society, ensure a healthy life style that would lead to healthy minds.

But ‘pity the nation’ where individuals of the society cease to think; it is most likely that they inevitably end up being the filtering gargoyles that gush out the backlog of filth and impurities and let them flow as clean and acceptable ones; whilst themselves they drool and drip with the remnants of filth and rust as the humid air ooze through their open mouths and huffing emptiness. Such display of social pathos occurs more by choice and less by force; when the individuals voluntarily let their vulnerability demark the niche between their existence and their mind and make themselves submit to the point where the last option inflicts them to follow blindly ‘anyone’ who just ‘seem’ to be better than the rest. Hence such an acutely desensitized environment where minds of individuals ‘rest in peace’ for good, shape the system with vivid social divide that is horrifyingly accepted by all with a deadly silence.

Sadly, over the span of seven decades, people of Pakistan have experienced a variety of experiments done on them. Even after all these years of independence from the Imperial rule it remains an unresolved problem of its own empirical rules. The generation that was once energetic, overwhelmed in their spirits and sought freedom through the most astringent times of history were later suppressed by dictators, pacified by autocrats and were retarded mentally by the radicals.

But thanks to the theory of flux, nothing is permanent and has to come to an end; eventually the fourth generation of this country is emerging as a green shoot that manages to sprout from the hardest surface and heralds more blossoms on their way. The present generation is exposed to the fourth generation of warfare, communication devices and medium of information; they are connected with the world, they are aware and now awakening. No one can stop them from thinking and questioning and raising their voice and pointing their fingers. Thus, the ones who had been riding on their back will now have to think about changing their hegemonic mannerism too.

The current political crises in Pakistan, signifies a muddle that is created out of chaos within the minds of our people. The consecutive failures of dictatorial and democratic rules have left a feeling of distaste and dissatisfaction among the masses. That is why people leap desperately towards the call for change raised by those shadows and figures who masquerade as leaders for bringing change in the system for them. The change of system is thus the cry of this time. And the desperation among the triggered masses forecast that they are determined to bring change. But “Pray what next?” as said by Voltaire, aptly explains the uncertainty of this situation; however one thing is clear that these masses are no longer the gargoyles for excreting the filth rather they are purifying the stream to flow in a different direction.


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Sara Niazi Sara Niazi
An educationist, researcher and writer

Interests in Sufism, Music, Literature, Art, Performing Arts, photography and gardening.

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A skeptic by choice.


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  • Sameer Wasi

    Very well written *thumbs up

    Slavery in silence, a condition similar to India..
    If not controlled, danger of spiraling into the 4th world

  • Sameer Wasi

    Slavery in silence, a condition similar to India

  • Sameer Wasi

    The fourth generation has seen it all, thanks to the internet.
    Now I got my shovel ready to remove the garbage and clear the field.
    I’ll go get a duster to clean the board.
    Lets the printing press running, lets educate kids.
    Lets mobilize em’