The Third Option for Pakistan

Sitting confidently . Looking straight into the camera with sheer resolute. He concluded the interview with Mubasher Lucman tonight. ‘ We need a 3rd Option in Pakistan!’ said Former President General Pervez Musharraf in the interest of the nation. “An option which is comprised of those who are against corruption and nepotism” he further asserted as the interview ended breaking a long stretch of absence from active media for the leader who I believed in and stand tall , true and most important wanted to bring the nation back to stability.

Got a call that General sb’s interview is on the air as I drove back. Needed to finish a few more chores but rushed to listen to his views on the current crisis and make out any glimmer for hope for Pakistan . As I drove back in a rush I could recall the Long March which Nawaz Sharif took out to reinstate Chaudhary Iftikhar at the time and targeted to down President Musharraf’s government. I remember the turmoil , the chaos and the un necessary force of political hand by the two most corrupt and incompetent parties against a man whose only fault was that he kept Pakistan first and agreed on commitments by politicians under NRO only and only in the interest of the motherland not keeping his self interest in perspective. Only to be let down by the same group of politicians who has been letting down the people of Pakistan for over 6 decades. What I see today fits the saying for Nawaz? What you sow you reap.

Nevertheless , I was excited to see him speak on the current issues faced by our nation not by the government. The best part of the interview was that where he commended our young soldiers , our Pakistan Army and their leadership for the ongoing operation against Talibanisation . Something I have not heard of many leaders of late as they are busy to consolidate their political situation. It really touched me and made me proud that he chose not to forget the brave young men giving away their lives for our nation. He reassured Pakistan that our Army would never let this nation disintegrate in the face of balkanization or sectarianism . They are the binding force for the nation. Rightly said that this is the only national institution which has kept the nation afloat. Instead of learning from their success stories . Our corrupt politicians despise them . He praised all the commanders from 2007 onwards who have led their men on the battlefield against Talibans and how critical such actions are especially in face of rising phenomenon like ISIS.

He wisely said that let Prime Minister Narendara Modi who may have been anti Muslim and anti Pakistan all his life to expose his position on Pakistan after getting elected by an overwhelming majority before we reach out to him instead of rushing to India like our Prime Minister did. Infact the Prime Minister has been interestingly quiet on the recent escalations at the border. He also advised correctly to America to avoid their moving goal post strategy and infact not interfere in Pakistan’s domestic affairs. He asserted since ironically where USA has supported protests to oust Presidents or Prime Ministers in Egypt and Ukraine . They have a total different policy when it comes to Pakistan. He reminded the nation that we being a nuclear state should not be taken lightly. This is the confidence which our leaders with positivity need to instill in us. Not for a moment he asserted that to make him the President or the Prime Minister of the country infact related how he chose to resign when he realized that the people of Pakistan have stopped liking him as their leader. Though I am sure that the paid surveys and the smoke screen of Justice Movement in 2007-8 was wrong to portray the feelings to him. But he chose to take a decision and showed that he has no lust of power at the center.

The main issue of discussion of the interview was the ongoing Dharnas in the country by Imran Khan and Dr. Tahir ul Qadri. He praised rightly both the leaders for bringing the people on the ground and kept them committed to the cause for so many days for the cause of Pakistan.

At the same time he highlighted and supported that Dr. Tahir ul Qadri is not asking for anything irrelevant and is the need and demand of all the Pakistanis who would like to see the nation prosper and they as well with it. On the demand of elections he said correctly that till the time we do not address the issues in the system . There is no point in getting the elections done again . Since it would be more futile and infact could create more chaos in the nation.

He highlighted the polarization in the country where each province is running their own agenda and unfortunately Center is running only Punjab’s agenda. This is against National Security and Integrity.

He also touched on the most favorite topic of nepotism and infact was drawn into the questioning by Mubasher Lucman the interviewer that how the favoritism has cost the nation so much all these years. Gen Musharraf like an honest leader accepted that once his rule was influenced by political leadership. Some decision unintentionally could have brought people who could have been not the right choice for the nation. He however reminded that he did not appoint a single relative of his or friends at the echelon of power even when he held the most powerful positions as the Chief Executive, COAS and the President of the country.

He asserted that with recent developments he said that the accusation of rigging has been proved that the moral grounds of this assembly is lost. In my opinion , after the massacre of Model Town by the Punjab Government . It has been lost further. The current government has created the same issues as there were before October 1999 both politically and fiscally which lead to hard decisions. Now is the same era in my opinion.

He reminded our dear Army to take measures in the interest of Pakistan. He further reminded us that he has never bowed in front of any pressures as related by many and always took decisions where it mattered only in the interest of the country. He condemned the killings on religious grounds across the country and especially Hazara community. He pointed that each province has their own issues and should be dealt on merit only.

Anyways, I am so happy and re-energized to hear him talk about Pakistan and reassure me that he is the only true National leader who is matured and capable to lead the nation from all the fronts like he has done in the past . Infact I believe he would come stronger learning from the past. All is not lost .

He has rightly said that the time has come that all like minded people join hands to form a 3rd force to unite and develop the nation. If he leads it I am sure millions would be with him. Only in the interest of Pakistan . Pakistan Zindabad!

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Sara NiaziDanish Kazi

A business graduate who is strongly opinionated and active both socially and politically. Belief that Pakistan is going through an evolutionary process and only its leaders, its politicians and its technocrats can ensure that this evolution is positive. Pakistan has a lot to offer to the international community and should learn to live in cohesion with which. This page tries to discuss those evolutionary issues.


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  • Sameer Wasi

    Change and complete overhaul of the current system is needed. no more double standards!

  • Afreen Khan

    Indeed. Pakistanis are fed up of their rulers, and do not only want new faces but also a change of system.